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Worry About Your Business.

Not Your Floors.

SureFloor. No-Slip Floor Treatments That Work

50% of businesses have floors that are too slippery. Is yours one of them?

We can fix that. If you own a business, it’s your responsibility to keep your customers and employees safe. Our Non Slip floor treatments reduce slippage by 200% to 400% without changing the appearance of your floors. SureFloor can decrease or even eliminate the risk of slips and falls in your business or home. We’ll keep your customers safe and your floors looking beautiful. So stop worrying about it and fix it.

Before hiring SureFloor, we were concerned about the price and effectiveness of the floor treatments, but your price made it cost-effective and you showed us how well the product increased the non-slip factor.  What we liked most is that it doesn’t change the appearance of our floor in any way! For all of those reasons, I’d recommend SureFloor.”

Dave Sanchirico

Owner, Hops & Grapes, Glassboro, New Jersey


How SureFloor’s Non Slip Floor Treatment Works

It’s Science!

SureFloor makes surfaces grip better by increasing the friction coefficient. That’s a fancy way of saying we make floors less slippery. And don’t worry, our proprietary treatment works on a microscopic level so it won’t ruin the look of your floors. Get Non Slip Floor Protection today.

We’ll prove it!

Schedule a free demonstration with SureFloor and we’ll show you exactly how it works as a top non slip flooring options. We’ll even let you feel the difference. If you love it, we’ll measure the floor area, give you a quote, and schedule a time to finish the job. No high-pressure sales tactics. Promise.

No Downtime.

SureFloor doesn’t take long to apply, so there’s no downtime and no need for your business to close. If you’re a restaurant, we could treat your floors between lunch and dinner hours. That’s how fast our Slip Retardant Solution works!

We do the work for you.

Choose a time that’s convenient and we’ll send a SureFloor professional to your business to apply our floor treatment. It’s recommended for entryways, lobby areas, pool decks, commercial kitchens, and even bathtubs. Anywhere you might slip, we can fix it!


It’s not expensive.  And it’s way cheaper than a lawsuit.

What Our Customer Think

It was nerve-racking to worry about our customers coming into the restaurant whenever it was wet or snowy outside. Our bar area and kitchen floors could get pretty dicey too. The whole SureFloor process was affordable and quick, but honestly, I’m just relieved I don’t have to think about people slipping anymore. It’s one more concern off my list..

– Matt W, Restaurant Manager

“Just a quick note to tell you your floor treatment is still working great! Our floors are as safe as they were when the product was first applied”

Jenifer, Restaurant Chain Owner

Just A Few Places Where Our Slip-Resistant Flooring Works


Lobbies, Pool Decks, Bathtubs

Real Estate

Landlords, Property Owners, Office Buildings, Shopping Centers


Nursing Homes, Patient Rooms, Common Areas, Cafeterias


Supermarkets, Delis, Liquor Stores, Retail Shops, Department Stores


Entryways, Mudrooms, Decks, Foyers, Steps, Bathrooms


Commercial Kitchens, Bathrooms, Front of House, Dining Rooms

SureFloor is especially perfect for Pool Decks

Private, public, or hotel pools. You can only yell “no running!” so many times. Pool decks are almost always wet and slippery. We can fix them click here.

Why SureFloor?

Eliminate Injuries. Floors, flooring materials, and slip-and-fall accidents send millions to the hospital each year with injuries. If you’re open to the public and you can do something to prevent slips on your property, why wouldn’t you?

Avoid Lawsuits. A floor that’s too slick can lead to personal injury and liability claims, which equals time, money, and stress for business owners. SureFloor helps you avoid that nightmare by decreasing your risk of slips.

Keep Your Employees Safe (and Working). Slip and falls caused by slick floors are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims and lost days of work throughout the country. Show your staff you care and keep them safe and productive!

Protect the Elderly. Unfortunately, the risk of falling goes up with each decade of life. Falls are one of the leading causes of injury-related death for people over 65. If you’re concerned about the older folks in your life, why risk it? SureFloor works in homes too.

Peace of Mind. Stop worrying every time it rains or snows. Don’t fret over staff forgetting to mop up wet spots. Forget the yellow caution signs. We’ll make your floors safer in one visit!

Don’t DIY It. No-skid rugs are ugly, germy, and cover up your floors. Cheap, over-the-counter products don’t last and they’re tough to apply. SureFloor is the opposite of all that. It’s clean, long-lasting, and your floors will look exactly the same.

Feel the difference SureFloor makes on wet floors. You’ll be impressed.

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Proven For All Sorts of Floors

You’ve invested in beautiful floors. Keep them that way. SureFloor is compatible with these types of flooring materials.

If you have questions about whether SureFloor will work on your floors, just ask!

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SureFloor is a family-owned and operated business located in Gloucester County, New Jersey. The company's mission is to help businesses keep their customers and employees safer through innovative, cutting-edge products and services.

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